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To be healthy is to live in a state of balance and equilibrium. At the Bloor West Wellness Clinic, we offer a full spectrum of holistic healthcare services to help you regain that balance when it is off, and to help you maintain that balance even in the face of everyday stresses.

Whether you suffer from acute illness, chronic disease or whether you simply wish to relieve tension, our team of practitioners will create a personalized treatment program just for you.

Our office is conveniently located at 2428A Bloor St. West,  just a short walk from the Jane subway station. 

Call (416) 588-0400 to book your appointment today!

Clinic News


Workshops this Summer!

We have many new and exciting workshops this summer facilitated by our diverse and experienced practitioners. Learn more about the true meaning of holistic health and how it can change your life: mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Upcoming workshops include: 3 Powerful Steps to Discovering Your Life Purpose Tree of Life Interactive Art Therapy Workshop Homeopathic First […]

Workshop: Doing Detox a Little Differently

Detoxification: Removing the toxic burden on the body, helping the body’s natural detoxification mechanisms, resetting our attitudes to healthy lifestyle and healing, healing the gut, improving mood, balancing hormones, healing the skin, losing weight. Everyone does it a little differently. This is a 4-week program where we begin to reset our bodies. These 4 weeks […]

Wellness Advice

A Natural Approach to Your Happiest Year Yet

1 in 4 people suffer from a mental health condition in Canada while about 70% of women claim to experience significant stress in their day-to-day lives. Unfortunately, of these millions of women dealing with chronic stress, low energy and low mood, only 25% say that they are doing something about it. Naturopathic doctors understand that […]

Life is Short. Be Who You Are. Do What You Love!

This is my mantra in life. For myself and for my clients. Very often we are living our lives in a way that is about pleasing others – whether that’s family members or societal expectations – and not in the way that we truly want to be living. We all have unique DESIRES, SKILLS and […]

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