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The Missing Link in Swine Flu Prevention: Our Innate Immune System

We have entered into another flu season, this one laced with a great deal of anxiety around what health experts are warning may be the worst flu pandemic since 1918. Amidst the fear, we hear the basic fundamentals of flu prevention like washing our hands and sneezing into our sleeve. These flu basics coupled with the announcement of a “Swine Flu vaccine” seem, to many, like the only hope in warding off this new and scary strain.

However, the Swine Flu vaccine has not had sufficient placebo controlled trials to prove it is effective or safe. In fact, manufacturers of the vaccine admit that they’ve had to ‘rush’ through safety trials to get it out in time for the flu season.

On the other hand, despite conclusive clinical and historical evidence that many alternative medicines are effective against the flu, government health officials are saying nothing to educate and inform the public about these options.

Even the CDC (Centre for Disease Control) lists their recommendations on “How to protect your health”. There is not one recommendation that focuses on ways to build a strong immune system, and yet we see the importance of this key player in our personal lives every day. Why is it that when we are run down, not eating well and stressed out, we tend to get sick? Clearly it’s because those factors play a huge role in affecting our immune function. While this seems like common sense, why then have the media/mainstream health experts told us nothing in terms of taking these kinds of measures to protect ourselves? “Wash your hands”, they say, but yet not a word about sleep, not a word about nutrition, not to mention any alternative immune support.

Whether or not you get the flu shot, you may want to consider protecting yourself using a homeopathic approach. This is both a defensive and offensive method that ensures that all bases are covered. The defensive front uses diet, supplements and homeopathy to strengthen the host (our body or our immune system) making it difficult for any micro-organism to set up shop. The offensive front attacks by combating the micro-organism directly through natural anti-viral medicines.

If you want to take more control over your health, and find options beyond the flu shot, Tamiflu and hand washing, consult an experienced homeopathic doctor for advice on protecting yourself and your family this winter.