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Homeopathy and Attention Deficit Disorder

ADD/ADHD are becoming a couple of very well known terms these days as more and more children are being diagnosed with one or the other. Whatever the cause may be, whether diet related, genetic or simply just due to the child’s inherent nature, there are few options available to parents in terms of treatments. Living with a child with ADD/ADHD can be a very painful, frustrating and scary experience, as it is both difficult to watch your little baby struggle their way through life, and nerve-wracking to feel the pressure of teachers/physicians, etc who may feel the need to medicate your child.

Homeopathic medicine offers a very gentle and often extremely effective way of treating this condition. Many parents are thrilled when they witness the changes their child goes through under good homeopathic treatment. I have parents and teachers in shock at the profound improvement they see in their children’s performance at school and behaviour at home. Many people never imagined that natural medicine could offer treatments strong enough to cure such problems.

While it is very relieving for them and rewarding for me, I feel frustrated that the systems that are there to support our children’s education and healthcare do not search ‘outside the box’ first before jumping to drugs like Ritalin. Why not exhaust all options first, considering the kinds of possible effects such drugs can produce? The options are out there, and it’s a shame that parents are not provided the information they need to explore these alternative treatments.

How Does Homeopathy Treat ADD/ADHD?

The homeopathic doctor will meet with you and your child for an initial consultation. During this time, the homeopath will have an opportunity to meet and observe your child, and start to understand what they are like as an individual. In homeopathy, every child is seen as an individual, with his/her own unique way of expressing ADD/ADHD. The homeopath will look at the exact way in which your child exhibits symptoms, as well as more general aspects of their make-up, such as their nature or personality, fears, sleep patterns, diet, health history, etc., until a complete picture of the child is understood.

If there is information that must be shared with the homeopathic doctor, but might be hurtful or disturbing for the child to hear, this information is given at a later time, usually via a phone conversation with the parents. This avoids making the child feel like they have a ‘problem’ or are being talked about as if they aren’t there.

Once the homeopath has a clear understanding of the child’s physical, mental and emotional states, they find a suitable homeopathic remedy to start with. From this point on, the parents, teachers and homeopath work together to observe changes in the child. Sometimes changes occur very quickly after beginning treatment, and other times progress is slower. The key to successful homeopathic treatment is patience. It is not an overnight pill that merely suppresses the symptoms. It is a process that takes time, but actually removes the root of the problem.

What Improvements Can Be Expected?

Depending on the child’s original symptoms, the following reactions are common:

  • More ability to focus, less distracted in tasks requiring concentration such as schoolwork
  • Accomplishing school work/tasks in a reasonable amount of time
  • Restlessness or hyper behaviour dissipates and results in a calmer demeanor and ability to sit still for longer periods
  • Disruptive behaviour at school/home decreases
  • Self esteem increases (as their grades and performance in school improve, so does their self esteem) often these children internalize the label that has been tagged to them, and believe they are stupid/handicapped/bad. This poor self image dissipates with proper homeopathic treatment.
  • Improved relationship between parents and child or teachers and child

Homeopathic remedies are gentle enough for any child to use, and completely non-toxic and non-habit forming. They can also be used in conjunction with conventional medications such as Ritalin, etc. if your child is already on something. The homeopathic remedy will not interfere with the action of their other medication, but will, through time, enable the parents and family physician/psychiatrist to wean the child off the conventional drugs.

Many parents are unaware of the potential that homeopathy has to offer children with ADD/ADHD. Most are given no other option than to medicate their child with drugs like Ritalin. In North America, we are far behind the rest of the world in recognizing the benefits of homeopathic medicine.. However, it is well recognized in other countries, particularly throughout Europe and India and in fact, homeopathy is the second most practiced form of medicine in the world following conventional medicine. The British Royal Family have had their own homeopathic physician for years and are great supporters of this form of medicine.

For your children’s sake, it is worth investigating. Homeopathy could change your child’s future.