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Simple, Natural Ways to Boost Your Immune System

As the cold and flu season is approaching, there are natural ways to be one step ahead of those nasty bugs.

While it is inevitable that you will be exposed to some sort of cold or flu this season, it doesn’t mean it needs to take a hold of you. We recommend using a double edged approach: attack the bad guys with natural antibacterial/antivirals while at the same time, defend your body by strengthening your immune system.

Incorporate the following to keep your immune system ready for action:

  • Vitamins– (Genestra or Natural Factors are good brands) Vitamin C (esterified 2000mg/day), Zinc (50 mg/day), Mulitvitamin
  • Homeopathic Constitutional Treatment (your homeopath will prescribe a remedy that is specially suited to you, based on your individual make-up, symptoms picture, personality, family history, etc.. Constitutional remedies prevent sickness by optimizing immune function, and patients report that they get fewer and less severe illnesses.)
  • Water (8-10 glasses per day)
  • Raw fruit and veggies, fresh garlic and ginger. Elimination of refined and processed foods.
  • Sleep (7-10 hours/night)
  • Exercise 
  • Stress reduction (through massage, shiatsu, counselling, yoga, meditation, reiki)
  • Hygiene (washing hands regularly)

Everyone can tell those early signs of something coming on, whether it’s the scratchy throat, feeling tired or achy, the sniffles, etc. Try to recognize the early warning signs and nip it in the bud!

Do the following religiously and the chances of it developing will decrease dramatically:

  • Up the vit C to 4000mg/day, introduce 25 000 iu Beta carotene, and continue with your multi and zinc
  • Up the fluids (flushes the system)
  • Avoid dairy (produces excess mucus), sugary/salty foods, fried foods (tax the system which needs to use its energy on healing)
  • Oregano oil (3-4 drops in a shot of water or juice, 4 times per day)
  • Sleep (your body needs it, so give it)
  • Oscillococcinum or Influenzinum 9C (homeopathic remedies) are very effective in warding off the flu if taken within the first 48 hours of onset

Did you know??

During the Spanish flu epidemic of 1918-19, homeopathic physicians had a success rate that none could rival.

In Philadelphia alone, of the approximately 24,000 cases that were treated in allopathic/conventional hospitals, the mortality rate was 26.2%, while the mortality rate of the 26, 000 treated in homeopathic hospitals was a mere 1.95%. (Statistics collected by W.A.Dewey, MD and published in the American Journal of Homeopathy 1920).