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What You May Not Know About the Flu Shot

Make an informed decision this year

The flu is a nasty thing to suffer through and in certain rare cases, can lead to fatal complications. The pressure we receive from physicians, government and the media often lead us to believe that we are negligent if we do not get the flu shot. But, are we getting the full story?


Published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, Italian epidemiologist, Dr. Demicheli called the 70%- 90% claims of vaccine efficacy, “both wrong and misleading……and refer only to the ability of the vaccine to produce antibodies effective against the virus. But this is not the important measure of vaccine efficacy. Instead, we should measure the ability of the vaccine to prevent clinical disease, in this case influenza. By this measure, vaccine efficacy is no greater than 25%.”(www.vran.org)

A study done by the U.S. National Institutes of Health which reviewed three decades of U.S. data was published in the February 14, 2005 Archives of Internal Medicine. The study found that flu shots for the elderly in the United States had not saved any lives.

One reason the vaccine is not necessarily effective is that it only protects against 3 strains of flu each year. The strains included in the vaccine are merely the result of a guess or prediction as to of what may hit during the coming flu season. There is no guarantee that it will be accurate and should you get infected with another strain, you will definitely not be protected.

After reviewing 25 studies on children, Dr.Tom Jefferson reported, “We recorded no convincing evidence that vaccines can reduce mortality, [hospital] admissions, serious complications and community transmission of influenza. In young children below the age of 2, we could find no evidence that the vaccine was different from a placebo,” (www.vran.org)


Injecting strains of flu virus into the bloodstream may well be safe enough, but the ingredients used to preserve the vaccines are known toxins to the human body. Thimerosol, a form of mercury is present as a preservative in most flu shots. While there have been several recommendations by the FDA to remove thimerosol from vaccines, they have been only that, recommendations, and have not been followed through by the pharmaceutical companies. Thimerosol has been linked to autism, ADD and Alzheimer’s and has a toxic effect on the nervous system, particularly the developing nervous tissue of infants and young children.

It should not be a mission to eliminate the flu in children as this approach does not allow for children to go through the natural way of building a strong immune system. It is important for children to experience common illnesses like colds and flus from time to time in order to train their developing immune system to better handle illness later on in life. “In the letter to The Lancet, Jefferson and associates expressed deep concern that safety studies were not done, the studies were too old and too small, or the vaccine manufacturer simply refused to allow the team to review the data from the vaccine trials.” (www.vran.org)

The shot is not necessarily as safe and effective as we are made to believe, so give it thorough consideration before vaccinating you or your small children, and remember there are several other ways to protect against the flu this year.