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Natural Cures for Holiday Indulgences

‘Tis the season to be jolly and indulge in holiday cheer, but let’s be honest. This is when your healthy lifestyle goes out the window as you fall prey to the temptations of holiday goodies. But, before you throw in the towel and write off your health this month, here are some suggestions that may help keep you in balance through this time of eating, drinking and being merry.

‘Uh-oh..I drank too much’

Drinking too much has consequences beyond not remembering your dance performance on the bar at the office party. We have all experienced the morning after a night of having one too many cocktails…the headache, nausea, dizziness, fatigue. These symptoms may be avoided or at least alleviated by the following:

  • B complex (50mg): Take before retiring, and again in the morning. Replaces vitamins lost through diuretic effect of the alcohol and stabilizes the system.
  • Water with a pinch of sea salt. Take 2-3 glasses before retiring. Prevents dehydration.
  • Juice from 1⁄2 lemon in glass of water to cleanse the liver on waking. Several glasses of water may be necessary to re-hydrate.
  • Multivitamin and 500mg of vitamin C with breakfast to replace vitamins and minerals lost from the diuretic effect of alcohol.
  • Colubrina or Nux Vomica 30C is an excellent homeopathic remedy for overindulgence of any kind, particularly alcohol and can zap a hangover before you know it. Take 3 pellets before retiring and/or on waking. You can repeat every 1⁄2 hour for up to 6 doses or until symptoms improve. This remedy is a must have for the holiday season!

‘Uh-oh …I ate too much.”

The holidays revolve around eating and let’s face it, how can you say no to home-baked shortbread cookies, chocolates, candy canes, endless servings of hors d’oevres, turkey, etc? Here are some suggestions for how to ease your digestion after you’ve said yes to way too much.

  • Digestive enzymes (Genestre is a good brand). Help break down your food, preventing bloating and gas. Take as directed on label, with meals or after a meal when you feel the food is just not settling down.
  • Raw fruit (particularly pineapple and papaya)and veggies are loaded with natural enzymes so make sure to eat plenty of these as it will aid digestion.
  • Colubrina or Nux Vomica 30C homeopathic remedy relieves the feeling of distention, gastric pain or nausea caused by overeating. Take 3 pellets as soon as symptoms come on and repeat every 1⁄2 hour for up to 6 doses or until symptoms have improved.
  • Fresh ginger root tea, or a prepackaged digestive aid herbal tea can also be soothing and speed up digestion.
  • Don’t go to a party hungry! Eat ahead of time.
  • Do mini liver cleanses between parties. All the drinking and eating taxes the poor liver, and keeps it constantly trying to process foods, leaving it unable to devote any time for detoxifying the system. A simple liver cleanse: glass of water with juice from 1⁄2 lemon, a sprinkle of cayenne pepper and a dash of maple syrup to sweeten.

Remember that overdrinking and overeating compromise immune function, particularly when consuming sugary foods or drink, as sugar competes with the absorption of vitamin C. The combination of overindulgence, lack of sleep and the stress of shopping, entertaining and being around relatives is a recipe for disaster. Come in and pick up a cold and flu prevention kit to avoid getting sick and ensure that you won’t miss out on the holiday fun.

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