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The Growing Problem of ADHD in Children and the Safe, Non-toxic Solution

In recent years there has been an explosion of children diagnosed with hyperactivity and attention deficient. In fact, ADHD is one of the most common mental health conditions in children, with boys being three times more affected than girls.  About two thirds of children diagnosed are prescribed stimulant medications that can improve attention but come with side effects such as headaches, anxiety, increased heart rate and in extreme cases, psychosis, which can be all too much for a parent of a small child to take in.

Homeopathy is an effective treatment for both mild and severe cases of hyperactivity in children.  In a study of 43 children with ADHD, those who received an individualized homeopathic remedy showed significant improvement in behavior compared to children who received placebo.*

The homeopathic remedies found to be most effective included:

Stramonium — for children who are fearful, especially at night.

Cina — for children who are irritable and dislike being touched; whose behavior is physical and aggressive.

Hyoscyamus niger — for children who have poor impulse control, talk excessively, or act overly exuberant.

If your child is unable to complete tasks, is hyperactive, impulsive, lacks focus and is forgetful, and you suspect ADHD, but are fearful of the diagnosis and of it leading to stimulant drugs, know that there are alternatives that are just as effective, and much less toxic.

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* Frei H, von Ammon K, Thurneysen A. Treatment of hyperactive children: increased efficiency through modifications of homeopathic diagnostic procedure. Homeopathy. 2006 Jul;95(3):163-70.

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