Wellness Advice

Invest in Yourself 

In last fall’s newsletter I wrote about following our own map and how important it is to believe we are of value, believe we have a purpose and know where we are going.

Living our lives with conscious intention can assist us to feel more satisfied and fulfilled: we know we have choices and we are actively involved in the process of what we pay attention to and how we spend our energy.

I want to encourage you to INVEST in yourself. I created this acronym to make that easy for you to do.


I – Inquire and inspire. Ask yourself: “is how I am living my life right now how and who I want to be?” Step away from the focus on what isn’t working and ask, “What do I want?” Clarify and articulate your dreams and desires. Let your passion flow and let it motivate you.


N – Neuroplasticity. Research continues to show how important conscious attention is in order for change to occur, thus the expression: “neurons that fire together wire together”.  To develop a positive habit we need to practice, practice, practice!


V– Vulnerability. Have the courage to stretch out of your comfort zone. Taking risks and experimenting is how we learn and grow.  Novelty is good for the brain.


E – Energy. We are energy. We are influenced by other’s energy. Surround yourself with like-minded people. Be aware of how negative thinking can undermine your plans. Open yourself up to what Pam Grout, author of E2, calls the “Field of Infinite Possibilities”. Choose to be a conduit for positive energy.


S– Stamina. As we travel our path, there will be bumpy and steep parts as well as some plateaus. Persevere! Don’t give up! Believe in yourself and have compassion for yourself as you work hard.


T – “Ta Da!” Celebrate your changes. Be your own cheerleader, not just for the obvious changes but for the baby steps as well. Acknowledge how your hard work and attention to detail has led to positive changes in your confidence, focus and attitude. Feel proud of yourself and your transformation.


Fear and doubt are natural experiences when we embark on this kind of work. I can guide you through some common obstacles along your path while also helping you maintain your focus and momentum. Call me now to book a free ½ hr consultation, 416.762.1066.

by Robin Lloyd, MSW , RSW