Wellness Advice

The Power of Mindfulness

I have been working with mindfulness and somatic approaches for a while. In sessions I explain the concepts as well as provide experiential exercises.  Yet I often have felt like I needed an easier way to help clients remember the concepts. So I came up with my own acronym: POWER. Probably many of us want to feel in control of our lives, our choices and behaviours. And some of us have felt like victims or oppressed by systems. So the word power, although it can have negative connotations, in my acronym is representing us taking charge and accessing our own power to live the kind of life we want. So, when you feel something rising up inside you that feels scary or confusing, here is a guide for mindfully processing it: POWER


P: Pause. Slow down, breathe, and stop multi-tasking.


O: Observe. Pay attention to your body/mind. Acknowledge sensations, feelings, breathing and thoughts, without judgements/labels (and notice if this is what happens!).


W: Welcome. Allow difficult thoughts, feelings, and sensations to have some space and some room inside your body/mind, without trying to change them. Invite them in. Notice that when you do this, there is enough room and they do not overwhelm you.


E: Embody and Enrich. Pay attention to your ability to hold both the hard to feel experiences and the positive ones in your body/mind simultaneously. Notice what you experience and where in your body you sense it as you allow yourself to embody them. Enrich your mental and physical awareness of your power by really focusing deeply on the details of the experience.


R: Remember and Repeat. Remember to use this practice. You are not your feelings; you are not your thoughts. This practice helps you to detach and observe and, while you are doing this, new neural pathways are being formed in your brain. You are strengthening your abilities, healing, growing and tapping into your power!


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