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The Power of Mindfulness

I have been working with mindfulness and somatic approaches for a while. In sessions I explain the concepts as well as provide experiential exercises.  Yet I often have felt like I needed an easier way to help clients remember the concepts. So I came up with my own acronym: POWER. Probably many of us want […]

Invest in Yourself 

In last fall’s newsletter I wrote about following our own map and how important it is to believe we are of value, believe we have a purpose and know where we are going. Living our lives with conscious intention can assist us to feel more satisfied and fulfilled: we know we have choices and we […]

Do you have a Map?

I don’t mean just any map. I mean YOUR map. I believe we are all inherently worthwhile and that we all have a purpose. The times I have felt the most confused and anxious are the times I have felt disconnected from my purpose or direction. Feeling connected with our life purpose can be an […]

The Little Things

While there were certainly many legitimate opportunities for grumbling during the long and punishing winter – mainly while shovelling – I also know that the challenges of the season encouraged me to further develop my appreciation of the little things. Like the first cup of tea I had after having no power for 24 hrs […]

How’s Your Inner Cheerleader?

Most of us would be appalled if someone we knew were rude or abusive to us.  However, as we go about our day-to day lives, there is often a negative, sometimes even abusive, dialogue unfolding in our heads.  This experience is commonly described as the voice of our inner critic or judge. Most of us have one.  Moreover, many of us are […]

Great Expectations

Strong and healthy relationships have room for people to voice their expectations. However, asking for what we want or need from the important people in our life is not easy for everyone.  Instead of being encouraged to listen to and trust the messages from our bodies as we grew up, perhaps we were trained to […]

Coping with Transitions

Life involves transitions: leaving home, graduating school, having children, changing careers, retirement, etc. Some we actively pursue and others surprise us. When we want to make a change we may not always be completely clear about what we want and how to get started. Life Coaching is an excellent support at these times. Life Coaching […]

The Importance of Hope

Having hope is important. Hope allows us to believe that things will change, that what we might be enduring will not last forever. Many of us live our lives without needing to consider whether we have hope or not. We often use the word hope casually in our conversations: “I hope to see you soon”, […]

Coping with Loss

Death. Not a topic we are all comfortable with. And understandably so: Who wants to think about “the end”? But it is coming for all of us eventually; sooner or later and sometimes unexpectedly and tragically. Of course, we all know this intellectually, and we see evidence of it daily in nature or in the […]

What is Life Coaching?

Spring is here and we are collectively coming out of hibernation! What plans for your life have been on hold all winter? When will you start living a life of abundance?! How about today?! Life Coaching could be just what you are looking for to help you get what you want. Life Coaching is “a […]