Andra Wochesen

Andra Wochesen is a Life Purpose Coach who helps heart-centred entrepreneurs, business owners and corporate clients earn more money doing what they love to do. She is a Certified Law of Attraction Coach, Reiki Practitioner and Tapping into Wealth Coach who combines both coaching and energy techniques to help her clients create a successful livelihood that aligns with their purpose.

She is passionate about helping women to release the blocks they have around their value, being visible and earning money, so that they can shine in the world through their gifts and passions. She has 20+ years in the field of personal development and education and has helped her clients uncover a purpose that not only fuels and fulfills them, but has helped them double, triple and even quadruple their income.

Her enthusiasm is fuelled by her love of adventure travel with her husband, supporting orphaned elephants in Africa, and the beauty of nature that lives right outside her door.

For more information please visit Andra’s personal website.

Life Coaching with Andra

Life coaching is a collaborative process that is supportive as well as proactive. You are guided to connect with your own inner answers and to take the steps needed to create the transformation you are wanting in your life. It is often a short term commitment and investment with long term rewards. You will be given the tools and strategies to apply in your life so that you are able to continue on your own after we complete our work together.

Purpose is not only what you do in the world but also who you are and how you show up and express yourself. I have created 3 programs that focus uncovering your purpose, living and fully expressing yourself and your purpose and also on prospering through your purpose.


Are you looking for what’s next for you?

Do you know there is more that you’re meant to be doing but aren’t quite sure what that is or how to get there?

Connect to who you are at your core and how you want to express that in the world.

This 4 month program will guide you to Uncover and Clarify your Purpose, to truly Understand and Embrace your Unique gifts and skills and the way in which you most enjoy using them AND how you would like to show up in the world.

Once you have Clarity on your Purpose, you will be supported in putting together a solid Plan of Action so that you are living it and creating the future you desire.

Your Purpose Matters. You Matter.

I’d love to help you Uncover the Biggest Version of Yourself.


You’re pretty sure – or maybe totally confident of your Purpose but feel like you’re playing small with it.

You know that what you offer is pretty spectacular but somehow have a hard time conveying that to others or in the world.

You are ready to grow your Presence and Shine More Brightly and to take Bolder Actions but feel blocked in doing that.

You know that aligning your energy is the most powerful thing you can do to lead you to the best and highest Actions to bring your Purpose and Income to the Next Level.

I’d love to support you to Truly Shine!


You are either up to big things in the world or you know you want to be.

Your know your Purpose and offerings and are taking actions to deliver them and earn a good income while doing it.

…But the income isn’t where you want it to be and as much as you try, you’re not able to shift that significantly.

You know there is a piece of the puzzle missing and have a sneaking suspicion that it has something to do with money and valuing yourself enough to truly earn and receive it.

I’d love to support you in Moving to the Next Level of your Impact and Income!

Please Schedule a complimentary Life Purpose Breakthrough session so we can determine the best fit for you!

Reiki with Andra

I believe that we live in our minds more than we need to, and that we have body wisdom and a spiritual connection that provide insights, clarity and direction that we need to tap into more!

There are so many benefits to Reiki; less stress, more balance and alignment, clearing blocks to help you move forward in your life, mental clarity, spiritual connection and purpose, as well as aiding in the physical healing of the body.

I offer an integrated approach to Reiki where we begin by discussing your individual needs, whether they be physical, emotional, spiritual or a combination. The sessions are done fully clothed and are 70 minutes in length.

If there is a desire to go deeper, I offer a 90 minute Reiki + Coaching sessions. In these powerful sessions, we combine both energy work and coaching to achieve the desired results. We get to the roots of things, clear the energetic blocks and you’ll receive deep dive coaching around the insights that come up, next steps and activities to integrate this work.

If there is a specific focus for you, we will customize a program that fits your needs.

If you are unsure of your needs or have questions, please book a complimentary Life Purpose Breakthrough Session and will we create the best possible solution for you.


Bachelor of Education
Passion Test Facilitator
Certified Life Coach
Reiki Practitioner
Movement Specialist

Services offered:

Life Coaching


Monday 10:30am to 7:30pm
Wednesday 9:30am to 7:30pm


Complimentary 45 min Life Purpose Breakthrough Session for all new and interested clients.

Coaching Programs $500/month
Reiki – 70 minutes $110, package of 3 sessions $300
Reiki + Coaching – 90 minutes, package of 6 sessions $995

Wellness advice from Andra:

Life is Short. Be Who You Are. Do What You Love!

This is my mantra in life. For myself and for my clients. Very often we are living our lives in a way that is about pleasing others – whether that’s family members or societal expectations – and not in the way that we truly want to be living. We all have unique DESIRES, SKILLS and […]