Gloria Blizzard

During the mid 1800’s, Mikao Usui began searching for information of an obscure ancient healing technique. Through extensive research, he re-discovered an energy science that had been used extensively in the distant past, which he named Reiki.

Reiki is a bio-energetic practice releases congested energy from the energy centres or chakras. Since Usui’s discoveries, several lineages of Reiki have developed. The Siam Reiki lineage was founded in Thailand and trademarked in order to maintain very high standards of training in the healing art. It has become an integral part of the hospital system in both Thailand and Australia. As a Siam Reiki Master, I am trained to serve as a channel, allowing energy to flow directly to the client.

During a Siam Reiki treatment, the client is asked to lie fully clothed on a massage table, and will be asked for permission to begin treatment. The practitioner will show new clients areas of contact and ask if there is any part of body where they would prefer no physical contact. This is easily accommodated. The practitioner will lay hands on the client, starting with areas around the head, and working slowly down to the feet. Any energy blockages move down and out of the body. Siam Reiki may differ from other Reiki lineages in that the practitioner may sound or create a gentle movement to help shift any energy blockages.

As energy blockages are removed, the client’s energy fields are optimized. Clients often experience deep relaxation, release of tension, relief of physical discomfort and decreased insomnia. During the session, I may include my additional training in meditation and clearing of ancestral patterns.

I am passionate about providing a deeply rewarding experience to my clients and delight in witnessing their development of clarified insight, self-acceptance and increase in general well-being.


Siam Reiki Master

Services offered:



1 hr Treatment $85


Gloria is available by appointment only. Please contact clinic for more information.