Clinic Owner Heather Osler

Heather has been practicing holistic healthcare since 2003 with a particular focus on nutrition, herbal medicine and homeopathy. She received her Medical Degree from McMaster University and is a registered Family Physician with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario.

Offering a unique integrative approach to healthcare, Heather sees all aspects of the person, including mind, body and spirit as intimately interconnected. She has a deep appreciation for Indigenous Traditional Medicine and ways of living, understanding that these complex and well established systems enabled communities to thrive for thousands of years. She is also passionate about social justice and prioritizes the impact that colonialism, systemic racism and other forms of oppression have had and are currently having on community and individual health.

Heather is an environmental advocate, and recognizes that at the foundation of human health is ensuring the health of our planet. She is a strong proponent for spending time in nature as an essential part of health. Heather works with families and youth to nurture a connection with nature and encourage a sustainable and holistic way of life in order to optimize individual and community health.

In her practice, Heather uses natural therapies and holistic nutrition where appropriate, for both preventative care and treatment of acute and chronic illness. As a conventionally trained physician, she also appreciates that there are times when patients require pharmaceutical medications. She therefore brings together the best of both natural and conventional medicine depending on the needs of each individual patient.

Heather has a particular interest in mental health care and addictions therapy. She offers counselling services to guide patients and their families towards an affordable and attainable holistic lifestyle to optimize physical and mental wellbeing. She also provides therapy to help patients work through mental health and addiction challenges.

Heather is not currently accepting new patients.

Heather is the owner of the Bloor West Wellness clinic, and co-owner of The Beet Organic Cafe.


Clinic Owner

Services offered:

Holistic MD


Heather is accepting new patients, by appointment only. Please contact the clinic for details.


Heather is currently not accepting patients

Wellness advice from Heather:

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