Nutritional Counselling

You are what you eat!

A healthy, natural and well-balanced diet is the foundation of wellbeing. Many health conditions can be completely reversed simply by making dietary changes. 

How do you make these changes? It can be difficult to do on your own, especially when there are so many theories out there about which diet is best, which foods should be avoided, which should be consumed, etc. The amount of information is both overwhelming and often unreliable. 

At the Bloor West Wellness Clinic, we use a common sense approach to nutrition. A healthy diet should not be a painful experience. Instead it should be simple, affordable and tasty! 

Our practitioners can create a personalized dietary plan that caters specifically to you and your needs.

What approach suits YOU best?

Our primary focus with nutrition is working with whole foods, and enabling you to get all the nutrients you need through your diet. Each individual will benefit most from choosing the approach that suits them best.

Choose from one of the approaches below, or discuss you nutrition goals with your practitioner.

Baby Steps

For clients who wish to make moderate changes in diet and lifestyle in order to enhance their wellbeing.

Working with the client’s particular taste and introducing changes at a slower pace increases compliance so the changes can become permanent. For some people, introducing radical changes too quickly leads them to abandon the new diet altogether, as is often the case with “fad” diets.

Extreme Diet Makeover

For clients who are interested in moving over to a completely healthy lifestyle.

This approach is for those who wish to introduce specialized foods/supplements that can promote optimum health.

For example, changing to a vegetarian or vegan diet, juicing, fasting, and cleansing diets. 

The Perfect Pair

For clients who wish to combine homeopathic medicine with nutritional counselling.

It is important to keep in mind that well-balanced nutrition and homeopathy go hand in hand. Even the best-selected remedy will have only a limited effect if your diet is not healthy. Combining the use of homeopathic remedies with dietary improvements speeds up the healing process, increases energy and supports the immune system. 

We will come to an understanding of your present diet, and revise it in a way that suits you specifically, looking at what areas might be deficient, or what foods might be best avoided. 

Let your medicine be your food and your food be your medicine! 

Practitioners, Availability and Fees

Fees and availability vary with each practitioner. For more information, please select a practitioner from the list below.

Heather Osler

Homeopath and Clinic Owner

Melissa Ieraci


Talia Marcheggiani

Naturopathic Doctor

The Beet Organic Cafe

The Beet Organic Cafe offers Toronto’s Junction neighbourhood a taste of local, organic healthy eating. We use locally grown grains, dairy, meats and produce to create a menu that combines optimum nutrition with dynamite flavour. The Beet is your one-stop shop for good quality, delicious and nutritious meals.

We are an organic cafe, with a menu designed by owners Michelle Vella, Certified Nutritionist and Heather Osler, Homeopathic Doctor and Bloor West clinic owner. Our goal is to combine optimum nutrition with dynamite flavour. From our sustainable interior design to our packaging, which is 100% biodegradable, we have gone that extra mile to make The Beet an eco-friendly venture.

The Beet
2945 Dundas Street West
Toronto, Ontario, M6P 1Z2

Phone: 416-916-2368