Pregnancy, Labour & Post-Partum Support

Give your baby a healthy start in life!

Pregnancy and birth make a very special time in a woman’s life. Many women need physical or emotional support to cope with the rapid changes they are experiencing.

Many conventional drugs and herbal medicines are unsafe for the pregnant woman and her developing foetus or newborn baby, and women are often relieved to discover that there are gentle and natural alternatives to conventional drugs.

Our experienced practitioners are especially sensitive to the needs of pregnant women, new mothers and their babies. From nutritional advice and massage to acupuncture and counselling, we offer a range of services to keep you and your baby healthy and happy during pregnancy, labour and throughout the postpartum period.

Practitioners, Availability and Fees:

Fees and availability vary with each practitioner. For more information, please select a practitioner from the list below.

Heather Osler

Nutritional Counselling

Jo Anne Hidalgo

Registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner
Registered Massage Therapist

Melissa Ieraci

Nutritional Counselling


During pregnancy, use homeopathy to relieve morning sickness and to treat common ailments without harming your baby, try pregnancy massage or reflexology to relieve back ache and water retention, get nutritional counselling to make sure you and your baby are receiving an optimal diet, and speak with a life coach or psychotherapist to prepare yourself for the transitions that lie ahead.


To safely induce labour, try homeopathy, acupuncture or a combination of the two.

During labour, homeopathy can be used to help turn a baby, or to help a mother manage pain, fear or fatigue. Homeopathy is also used to reduce swelling and minimize tissue trauma for a speedier postpartum recovery.


Use homeopathy to safely treat yourself and your newborn for common ailments, breast-feeding issues and postpartum blues. Visit an RMT to address neck, shoulder and back pain from holding your baby, and learn to give your baby an infant massage. Get nutritional advice to keep yourself and your baby healthy, and to address allergies as you introduce new foods to your baby. Talk with one of our counsellors to help you adjust to the many changes you are undergoing.

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Give your baby a healthy start in life!

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