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Homeopathy Myth Busters

Ever wonder what homeopathy is all about? A cloud of confusion surrounds the topic of natural medicine, as it all seems to get clumped together. This lack of clarity makes it difficult for people to decide what form of natural medicine is right for them. The following article will help to clarify what homeopathic medicine […]

Homeopathy and Attention Deficit Disorder

ADD/ADHD are becoming a couple of very well known terms these days as more and more children are being diagnosed with one or the other. Whatever the cause may be, whether diet related, genetic or simply just due to the child’s inherent nature, there are few options available to parents in terms of treatments. Living […]

Don’t Let Your Children Suffer From Nature Deficit Disorder!

Our kids have become prisoners of the indoors. Due to fear of letting our kids outside unsupervised, packed schedules and the lure of electronics, we are depriving our kids of healthy exposure to nature. According to Richard Louv  who coined the phrase “Nature Deficit Disorder”, research indicates that regular exposure to natural surroundings decreases symptoms of ADHD and behavioural problems, […]