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Coping with Transitions

Life involves transitions: leaving home, graduating school, having children, changing careers, retirement, etc. Some we actively pursue and others surprise us. When we want to make a change we may not always be completely clear about what we want and how to get started. Life Coaching is an excellent support at these times. Life Coaching […]

What is Life Coaching?

Spring is here and we are collectively coming out of hibernation! What plans for your life have been on hold all winter? When will you start living a life of abundance?! How about today?! Life Coaching could be just what you are looking for to help you get what you want. Life Coaching is “a […]

Embracing Autumn Change

Autumn is a time of transformation. We can see that all around us in the changing of the fall leaves – one of nature’s most beautiful and colourful events. This vibrant transition of the leaves reminds us of the grace with which nature eases through transformation. Change is a natural process. Throughout life, we are […]

Counselling at the Clinic

Rush, Rush, Rush! Busy, Busy, Busy! How reminiscent is this of your life since September rolled into town? Back to school, back to the daily grind now summer is over, home repairs as winter lurks on the horizon … many transitions. And maybe (just maybe) you are getting lost in the shuffle of daily chores and responsibilities. How […]