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Benefits of Acupuncture for Immune Health

As the season enters into fall and winter, changes in temperature and barometric pressure create imbalances in our body physiology.  These imbalances can compromise our immune system and may often prevent our body system’s ability to adjust to these changes, leaving us vulnerable to colds & flu.  Acupuncture can help improve the blood circulation in […]

Homeopathy for Colds and Flus

Homeopathy requires clear & strong symptoms for effective treatment. A well-chosen remedy can then alleviate symptoms quickly and effectively. Aconite works well for a cold that starts with a sudden fever after exposure to cold. The person will feel anxious and fearful. Belladonna is the remedy when symptoms come on suddenly and intensely, fever is […]

Homeopathic Flu Treatment Clinically Proven

Oscillococcinum, while difficult to spell, is easy to take, and is an effective alternative for preventing and treating the flu. It is a natural homeopathic remedy, can be used by the entire family, and has no side effects. In a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled, multi-center trial of 100 patients (Casanova et al, 1983), the effect of […]

Preventative Health Care: The Optimal Approach To Staying Well

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is an expression that certainly holds true when it comes to family health care. A little bit of effort and awareness regarding our health can prevent serious life-altering disease. It is amazing to see how much time and money we are willing to spend fixing […]

What You May Not Know About the Flu Shot

Make an informed decision this year The flu is a nasty thing to suffer through and in certain rare cases, can lead to fatal complications. The pressure we receive from physicians, government and the media often lead us to believe that we are negligent if we do not get the flu shot. But, are we […]

How to Handle the “Stomach Flu” This Season

“Stomach flu”… though usually relatively harmless, can sometimes be powerful enough to make you feel like you’re at death’s door! It seems to sweep through households like a windstorm, often hitting one member of the family after another, or even worse, hitting everyone at the same time. There are very few things more miserable than […]

Simple, Natural Ways to Boost Your Immune System

As the cold and flu season is approaching, there are natural ways to be one step ahead of those nasty bugs. While it is inevitable that you will be exposed to some sort of cold or flu this season, it doesn’t mean it needs to take a hold of you. We recommend using a double […]

Ten Steps To Strengthen Immunity to H1N1

Vitamins. Those that are clinically proven to increase immunity include Vitamin C, D, Zinc, Beta carotene, and probiotics. For dosages sufficient enough to protect you from the Swine Flu, consult your homeopath as these are generally much higher than the usual RDA. Homeopathic Constitutional Treatment – individualized prescription of a single homeopathic medicine that matches your body’s unique make-up. Constitutional […]

The Missing Link in Swine Flu Prevention: Our Innate Immune System

We have entered into another flu season, this one laced with a great deal of anxiety around what health experts are warning may be the worst flu pandemic since 1918. Amidst the fear, we hear the basic fundamentals of flu prevention like washing our hands and sneezing into our sleeve. These flu basics coupled with the announcement of a “Swine Flu vaccine” seem, […]