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The Power of Mindfulness

I have been working with mindfulness and somatic approaches for a while. In sessions I explain the concepts as well as provide experiential exercises.  Yet I often have felt like I needed an easier way to help clients remember the concepts. So I came up with my own acronym: POWER. Probably many of us want […]

Do you have a Map?

I don’t mean just any map. I mean YOUR map. I believe we are all inherently worthwhile and that we all have a purpose. The times I have felt the most confused and anxious are the times I have felt disconnected from my purpose or direction. Feeling connected with our life purpose can be an […]

How’s Your Inner Cheerleader?

Most of us would be appalled if someone we knew were rude or abusive to us.  However, as we go about our day-to day lives, there is often a negative, sometimes even abusive, dialogue unfolding in our heads.  This experience is commonly described as the voice of our inner critic or judge. Most of us have one.  Moreover, many of us are […]


Huh? What’s that? Mindfulness has evolved from Buddhism and Yoga and essentially is about being more present and fully in the moment with our experiences, in awareness and without judgement. Science has quantitatively shown that practicing mindfulness, specifically meditation and yoga, positively changes the physiology of the brain. There is now a growing trend for […]