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Homeopathy for Hay Fever

After a long and drawn out winter, most of us are eager for the spring and summer seasons to begin.  Sunshine, blooming flowers, freshly cut grass and dewy mornings are what make the summer months so appealing.  However, if you are a chronic sufferer of seasonal allergies this time of year is bittersweet.  Homeopathy can […]

Sunscreen Sense – The Safer Alternative?

While it is obvious that using some form of sun protection is necessary and helpful to our skin, you may want to think twice before lathering up with “regular” or synthetic sunscreens. Despite years of sunscreen use, melanoma and other forms of skin cancer are on the rise. Studies have shown that the ingredients in […]

Top 10 Remedies For Camping and Cottaging

When you’re off to the bush this summer, whether it’s a canoe trip with the family or a quiet weekend at the cottage, make sure you go prepared for potential accidents that can put a damper on your vacation. Should you happen to trip over a rock on the way to the dock, burn yourself […]

Fun and Healthy Summer Snacking

School’s almost out and the kids are happy to welcome summer days full of outdoor fun. Whether it’s city living, summer camp or trips to the cottage – your children’s activity levels are bound to be high. Be prepared with quick and highly nutritious snacks to refuel their energy throughout the day. The trick to […]