Workshops at Bloor West Wellness

We frequently offer workshops here at Bloor West Wellness. Check out these upcoming workshops to put in your calendar.

We also have a Meetup Group, “Toronto Healing Circle”, which notifies our growing online community about the events held by our practitioners.

PAST WORKSHOPS- Please let us know if you would like to see these workshops again!

Homeopathic First Aid Workshop

Homeopathy combines our mental and emotional states during an emergency or first aid situation, with
the physical symptoms we are experiencing- taking the treatment to a deeper and more effective level.
In this 2.5 hr workshop you will learn how to construct your own Homeopathic First Aid Kit.

We will discuss remedies like arnica, hypericum and many others, which will prove invaluable on your weekend cottage or camping trips. In keeping with these summer months, we will also pay careful attention to remedies for sunburns, heat stroke and insect bites.

Facilitator: Melissa is a licensed Homeopath who has been in the health-care field for over 10 years. Her
passion for holistic medicine shines through into her workshops, which are always comprehensive and

Day: Monday July 25, 2016
Time: 6:30pm to 9pm
Where: 2428a Bloor St West
Price: $25 ($30 at the door)

Register by contacting Melissa at 416-588-0040, email at or purchase tickets directly through SNAP Bloor West (small fee applies with this method.)

Space is limited, so reserve your seat!

Homeopathic remedy kits will be available for purchase at an exclusive discounted rate- up to 45% off!

3 Powerful Steps to Discovering Your Life Purpose

Do you ever feel there is more you are meant to be doing with your life, but aren’t quite sure what that is or how to go about doing it? Are you looking to create a more passionate, purposeful and meaningful life?

Join Andra in her signature experiential talk. In this mini-workshop, you will:

• Find out the #1 key to waking up excited on Monday mornings.

• Uncover 1 new skill you didn’t know you had!

• Discover tools that will help you radiate confidence in any situation.

• Walk away with a plan of action to bring more passion and purpose into your life.

PLUS! Learn the 3 Powerful Steps to Uncover Your Purpose!

Looking forward to helping you make 2016 a year that you are excited about!

Facilitator: Andra is a Life Purpose Coach who has been called a lighthouse for others. She brings over 20 years experience in the education and self-development field to her coaching practice and encourages men and women to take inspired action steps to live their life with purpose.

Day: Monday July 18, 2016
Time: 7pm to 8:30pm
Where: 2428a Bloor St West
Price: $10 ($15 at the door)

Purchase tickets directly through Eventbrite

Space is limited, so reserve your seat!

Better Brain Health

Learn how to nurture your brain, prevent dementia, and keep your memory strong.

So many of us suffer from brain fog, poor memory and concentration and mental overwhelm. There is also a rise of mental health conditions, such as anxiety and depression.

We also see an increasing number of people suffering from “Type 3 Diabetes”, or diabetes of the brain from a diet that is high in carbohydrates. Also learn how certain fad diets are starving your brain!

Learn the secrets to eating and working for your brain, the control centre of the entire body.

Facilitator: Dr. Talia Marcheggiani, ND, naturopathic doctor. Dr. Talia is passionate about treating the root cause of disease and believes that people should spend their lives striving for emotional and mental wellness with healthy, happy and functional brains. Learn more about Dr. Talia at

Day: Monday, July 4, 2016
Time: 7 pm – 8 pm
Location: Bloor West Wellness (2428a Bloor St. W)
Price: FREE
Space is limited so come on time to grab a seat!

Care to Care: Deepening our connections with ourselves and others

This is the launch of on-going collaborative workshops where we focus on deepening our connections to each other and to ourselves. We explore ways to connect, feel whole and participate in a movement of caring. This first 2-hour workshop includes meditation, discussion and powerful exercises.

This workshop will help expand our minds, reflect on our lives and live in accordance with our deepest values and connection.

Facilitator: Simone Bowman, RMT, is a beautiful and heart-felt practitioner who walks the walk of Law of Attraction, energy healing and fostering interpersonal connection. More about Simone at

Day: Sunday, June 26, 2016
Time: 10 am – 12 pm
Location: Bloor West Wellness Clinic (2428a Bloor St. W)
Price: FREE

Registration: Space is limited, call 416 588 0400 or email to secure a spot!